Cut Backs

Cut Backs

We, at Metropolitan Tree and Landscaping Corp, are New York City and Long Island’s premier cut back service for healthy trees and weed-free lawns. Our team of skilled experts is local specialists who know your property inside and out, they will evaluate your lawn as well as varieties of trees, turf, shrubs, and more and give you a detailed analysis and design a tailored and customized approach to give your landscape exactly what it needs at exactly the right time.

Garden and landscape care threats and solutions differ based on a number of variables, like topography, lawn type, location, types of plants and trees, and of course, the season. That’s why our team of knowledgeable experts stays attuned to the conditions and will accordingly personalize service for your lawn threats and needs. We do not believe in one size fits all approach and will ensure you get something that meets your tree needs.

We have a thorough understanding of advanced garden and landscape care techniques, products, and equipment. This ensures that your lawn care service is performed the right way, with the right equipment at the right time

Why you need to choose Metropolitan Tree and Landscaping Corp

A beautiful landscape is made up of healthy shrubs and trees to frame a great lawn. That’s why our landscape crew and employees receive continuous education and are up to date on the latest softscape treatments, techniques, strategies as well as tree care. This ensures that they develop and maintain the expertise to deliver the superior lawn and landscape results you deserve and expect.

Complete and Customized Tree Care Solutions

Our local experts will inspect the overall health of your trees as well as the varieties and develop a plan to treat and maintain the health of all your trees. Our detailed plan will take into account disease treatments, insect treatments, and the applications of fertilizers to maintain the health and beauty of your landscape.

At Metropolitan, our local experts are experienced in the care of not just your lawn, but your entire landscape. Just as trees need nutrition, they can catch diseases in seconds, and these diseases can spread like wildfire, wiping out your entire landscape if not prevented and treated.

Catching a disease early with large and old trees can save a lot of money and maintain the health, beauty, and value of your landscape. We ensure that we keep you in the loop throughout our entire process and never do anything without your knowledge or know-how this helps us to keep our clients happy and meet their goals and expectations. Ensure that you get in touch with us for any of your lawn needs and we will help you come up with an ideal solution that will not only treat your lawn but keep it aesthetically pleasing.

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If you are interested in our cut back services, give us a call or message us today for a free inspection and a no-obligation estimate. Our team members will help you get started and provide you with the right solutions for your needs and goals.