In New York City and Long Island, we are lucky to have many tall varieties of trees. When mowing your lawn, do you find that you have a lot of low-hanging branches you need to duck under? Or an abundance of trees that are low to the ground? Then maybe it’s time to elevate those trees to provide more clearance.

Tree elevation is the practice of trimming the lowest branches on a tree in order to give it more clearance by eliminating low-hanging branches and we provide property owners with safer tree growth and create a better environment for them.

Why hire our professional tree elevation services?

Tree elevation can be a dangerous job which is why we advise our clients to never tackle it themselves. Metropolitan Tree and landscaping Corporation specializes in tree elevation and removal of all kinds of trees. Our tree experts will inspect the job site for any hazards and determine how much rigging equipment will be required and if crane assistance is needed.

Depending on the tree’s stability, age, and proximity to structures as well as electrical lines, we will conduct a thorough analysis to find the best tree elevation solution for you.

We often remove trees that are too close to structures or in a difficult-to-reach area. We discuss the same with all our customers and find the safest method of removing a tree.

How does tree elevation improve tree health?

If you have walked through the woods, you have probably noticed that trees grow vertically to compete for sunlight. If you compare that growth to your yard, you’ll notice that those trees grow sideways and this, without the proper care, can be stressful to your tree’s trunk and it will outgrow its ability to support its weight.

Our goal is to ensure that your trees are healthy while protecting the value and safety of your garden. We understand and know how to elevate your trees in such a way so as to make them grow vertically with a good branch structure. We provide homeowners as well as commercial property owners with an affordable service that keeps their trees healthy, their property safe, and beautiful.

If you are worried about trees growing too close to your property or the health and safety of the trees then don’t hesitate to call us. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and skills after working in this industry for a long time and they can evaluate your property, trees and give you a solution or recommendations on what to do and how to look after your trees. This helps as you can leave the elevation to us and be assured that we will do a good job as well as keep you in the loop for the entire process, step by step.

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If you are looking to find out more about Metropolitan Tree and Landscaping Corp’s elevation services and information then contact us today. You can rest assured that we will always offer a unique, customized, and tailored landscaping solution for you. Our team will be more than happy to visit your property for an inspection and provide you with a customized solution.