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Get Healthy and Flourishing Trees by Avoiding These Trimming Mistakes

Tree trimming

Tree trimming benefits the growth of trees by eliminating the dying or dead branches. These branches can be dangerous when left untrimmed. So it’s better to remove them in order to reduce the risk of harm for your family and property. Trimming the trees after an adequate interval also reduces the chance of further decay of the trees.

We all have seen trees look like a coat rack or have no leaves in the center. These kinds of trees are the result of poor trimming. Poor trimming can ruin the shape, damage, and even kill your beautiful trees. To help you avoid bad pruning results, here we’ve listed the most common pruning mistakes made by homeowners or non-experienced pruners in NYC. Although some of these mistakes can be fixed, many are irreparable. So, make sure not to repeat these mistakes.

Tree Trimming without a goal

Before starting the pruning and trimming you should have a clear goal in your mind. For example, your goal could be pruning the dead branches only or shaping the three in order to enhance the aesthetic appeal without compromising the health of the trees. Pruning without a goal can damage the tree and shrub.  It takes a lot of time to fix poor trimming outcomes and can often damage the tree in a way that cannot be repaired.

Improper cut

The perfect pruning cut minimizes the harm to the tree. It allows the tree to heal quickly whereas the improper pruning cut can cause irreversible damage to the three. An improper cut means a flush-cut (cutting too close to the trunk of the tree) or a stub cut (cutting too far from the trunk of the tree). A flush cut causes a large wound in the tree that takes so a lot of time to heal. While the stub cut leaves almost all the dead branch which decays backward into the trunk of the tree.

Pruning during the growing season

Heavy tree pruning during the growing season can cause a risk of starving for the tree due to the removal of too many leaves. Also, in the time of summer there can be drought. So, the trees can be less resilient at this time due to the heavy pruning.

Using the dull tools

This might not seem like a big issue but it can cause considerable damage to the tree.  Pruning and trimming with blunt tools can create rough cuts. It can rip or shred the bark and cause significant wounds.

Tree topping

Tree topping is the practice of cutting the top of the tree. It can cause excessive stress for the tree, distort the structure, and makes it likely to fall. It happens when the tree grows out of the allotted space. That’s why it’s crucial to consider the eventual height of the tree when you plant it.

To assure the safety, health, and beauty of the trees, avoid the above mistakes. If you have any questions or want to get your trees trimmed by professionals, contact tree trimming services in NYC and get the best results.

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