Land Clearing

Metropolitan Tree Land Clearing

Metropolitan Tree and Landscaping Corp provides land clearing services across New York City and Long Island. Also known as lot clearing, land clearing is a necessity when you want to remove unwanted trees, tree stumps, debris, and boulders to improve a property, construct new structures, or develop the land. It is a great way to put the land to better use and still maintain the relationship with the nature around it.

Our land clearing services are designed to meet your requirements and we can customize our services as a result.

Why Use Our Land Clearing Services?

At Metropolitan Tree and Landscaping Corp, we have invested in high-end and state-of-the-art equipment and tools. We realize that land clearing may also require heavy-duty machinery and that is why we have all the machinery that may be required.

Depending on where the property is located in New York City or Long Island, we determine whether a permit is required before starting the land clearing process. We check with the local land planning agency to find out if we can clear the land and will take the right measures to get the necessary permits before starting the project.

Our team of technicians is highly experienced, trained, and knowledgeable, and it understands the nuances of land clearing. We have the experience and expertise to fell trees of different sizes and will use our industrial-grade grinder for stump removal and grinding. We use the right safety equipment during tree felling and removal so that there is no risk of injury.

When you hire us for land clearing, we will bring the necessary bins to haul away everything that is removed from your property. We will also dispose of the trees, wood chips, branches, boulders, and debris in a responsible manner without adversely affecting the environment or the local ecosystem. We make sure that we minimize the burden on landfills and do our utmost to recycle and reuse anything that is removed during the land clearing process.

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We are insured and licensed, and we do everything to ensure the safety of our workers and the wellbeing and safety of your property. We adhere to the best practices in the field of arboriculture and that enables us to undertake big and small land clearing projects across New York City and Long Island.

Our arborists are certified and have undergone extensive training. This ensures we have the right expertise and knowledge to clear any lot properly without causing any damage. We are equipped to handle unforeseen issues without a hassle.

If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective land clearing service in New York City or Long Island, get in touch with us right away. We would be happy to schedule a visit to your property for a free inspection and provide you with a no-obligation estimate. We make sure our land clearing services are fast and efficient and we take appropriate measures to minimize damage to the surroundings and underground structures, such as pipes and cables.