Metropolitan Tree Planting

Are you looking to plant trees in your home or workplace? If you are based in New York City and Long Island, Metropolitan Tree & Landscaping Corp can assist you. We are experts in tree planting and have the knowledge and expertise to help you select not only the correct spot to plant trees but also to help to pick the perfect trees.

Creating a Tree Planting Plan

You cannot go about randomly planting trees in your garden or yard. It could result in problems in the future. To ensure that your trees grow healthily and beautifully and you do not face issues later on, it is essential to create a tree planting plan.

We, at Metropolitan Tree & Landscaping Corp, create a foolproof tree planting plan so that there is no risk of tree failure. Through this plan, we ensure that the trees you plant in your property thrive and grow beautifully for years to come.

You may feel that tree planting is a simple process of digging a hole in the garden and planting the sapling. Unfortunately, that is not the case and if you follow this procedure, you will have to contend with tree failure. With the help of our tree planting plan, we take care of the following:

  • Shortlisting the right location to plant the tree
  • Selecting the right tree species
  • Choosing the tree type
  • Preparing the site with the help of soil conditioning, fertilizing, and watering
  • Mulching

Our tree planting plan is designed to help trees attain optimal growth with minimal chances of failure. We carefully inspect your property to pinpoint the best locations for planting trees and the kind of species that will thrive based on the soil composition and the amount of maintenance you are willing to put in. We also find out your preferences and try and harmonize things.

When you grow trees, be it around your business, commercial property, or home, you beautify your property and enhance its resale value. So, it is a win-win situation for you.

Our Expertise

At Metropolitan Tree and Landscaping Corp, we have expertise in planting bare root trees, balled and burlapped trees, and container trees. We let you know the advantages and disadvantages of each type and help you make an informed decision.

Once you decide which type is the best, we begin the site preparation by digging, watering, fertilizing, and mulching the soil. We plant the tree and provide it support through a method called staking and guy wiring. This helps to keep the tree erect until it is strong enough to support its weight.

The last step of tree planting is wrapping to ensure the sunlight does not burn the delicate bark of the tree and it concludes with pruning to get rid of broken and dead branches.

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We are experienced in tree planting and have catered to the needs of commercial and residential clients across New York City and Long Island. We provide trees with the ideal environment to survive and thrive by avoiding pitfalls. Get in touch with us today to avail of our tree planting service and also learn the best ways to maintain the trees we plant.