Metropolitan Tree Pruning

Pruning is not just to shape and beautify a tree or shrub; it also helps to revitalize its health. That is the reason you should regularly prune and trim trees and shrubs in your garden. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, tree pruning is something you should not ignore. You can get in touch with Metropolitan Tree and Landscaping Corp for superior and effective tree pruning in New York City and Long Island.

We have a team of experienced and licensed arborists, who have the right knowledge and access to proper equipment. We are proud to inform you that our arborists are extremely knowledgeable about different tree species and will be able to use the right pruning technique.

Why Use Professional Tree Pruning?

Under normal circumstances, many homeowners prune trees and shrubs themselves. While that is okay for smaller species as long as you have the right knowledge, it can be dangerous to cut bigger trees and shrubs on your own. A professional like Metropolitan Tree and Landscaping Corp not only has the right safety and climbing gear and equipment but also has experts who can climb tall trees to prune them without endangering themselves or others.

We ensure that we minimize liabilities and at the same time, we do a perfect job of pruning so that your garden looks neat, aesthetically beautiful, and well-maintained. When you choose Metropolitan Trees and Landscaping Corp for pruning, you are choosing safety, expertise, and skill.

Pruning with Focus

It is prudent to remember that pruning can have an effect on the growth pattern of the plant. Hence, we take the utmost care when we cut branches and twigs. We prune to get rid of dead branches, increase light and air penetration in the crown, and minimize crowding of branches.

We have the expertise and experience to remove just enough. If we cut too much, it would stress out plant and adversely affect its growth and health. Hence, where pruning is concerned, less is more. It helps to shape and train the branches so that you get the desired look.

Our Pruning Techniques

We are experts in several pruning techniques and we use them in tandem to shape a shrub or tree without stressing it out. Some of the techniques we employ are:

Cleaning: This helps to get rid of dead, broken, diseased, and dying branches

Thinning: We thin branches when there is overcrowding and as a result, it decreases the amount of air and light that enters the crown. Thinning also improves the shape of the tree and ensures nutrients reach all the branches without a hassle.

Raising: This pruning method gets rid of low-lying branches that can hurt someone while walking. We cut just about enough to clear the path and usually, we use this pruning technique if there are overhanging branches on a garden pathway.

Reduction: We use this pruning method when branches touch power lines and could be dangerous.

Are You Looking for Professional Pruning?

If you are looking for professional pruning in New York City or Long Island, contact us right away. Metropolitan Tree and Landscaping Corp has the right expertise, experience, and equipment to ensure we handle any pruning project efficiently and precisely.