Roof Line Clearing

Roof Line Clearing

This is a simple yet overlooked aspect of property ownership and property maintenance. Do you have any trees near your house or other structures? One of the most common forms of property damage is trees or tree limbs falling on a property or house and causing damage. Our experts see this all the time and one would be surprised to see how a small branch can cause so much damage through shingles and even metal roofs, not to mention the cost of repair you would need to incur to fix this.

If the proper care is taken of your tree and a minimum of 3 inches of distance is kept then you should be safe. The larger parts of the tree are moved quite less by the wind and would be much less likely to brush against your roof or windows of your home. You would require a close inspection of the contact point on the structure since this is the best way to determine if a tree has begun to touch during a windstorm or even bad weather. If there are marks on either your home or the tree, it is bound to only get worse with time.

How often should you inspect your roof?

If you have established at least a 3-5-inch clearance off your roof, then it usually takes 2-3 years before most trees grow close again. If you have landscapes that include large shrubs, a lot of various high-growing plants, grasses, or fast-growing trees such as Chinaberry or Tallow Trees, it would be advisable to make an annual check of your roofline and our experts can do that for you.

We cannot stress enough that you should never check on this yourself. Our team is skilled, experienced, and has the knowledge on how to go about this and can be assured that they will get the necessary done quickly and efficiently. There is almost no situation that would recommend you climbing on a roof, trust us, you are going to want to leave this to the professionals.

Why call Metropolitan Tree and Landscaping Corp?

You should call us to inspect and service your trees as we have been in the business for a long time and can guarantee that we have the equipment, tools, know-how, and skill required to inspect and find a solution to your low hanging branches and trees to avoid damage to your home in the first place. Take the time to walk around your house and see how close limbs appear from the ground. If it looks close from your vantage point, it probably gets much closer when the winds are blowing and may even be touching out of your line of sight.

With the proper pruning practices, care, maintenance, and line clearing, your tree will be trained away from a structure and future pruning may become less often a necessity.

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