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The Best Fire-Resistant Trees That Can Help You Make a Defensible Landscape

Fire is a disaster that can destroy several acres of land as well as homes and structures. So minimizing the impact of this devastating disaster is the shared responsibility of everyone living in the community with a high fire hazard. The process of protecting a community from fire threats starts with creating a fire defensible space around your property. You can make this possible through vegetation management. You should landscape your business or home with fire-resistant trees.

What are fire-resistant trees?

If properly cared for, fire-resistant trees do not ignite as quickly or with as much intensity as other kinds of vegetation. Following are the characteristics of fire-resistant trees:

  • High moisture content in the bark as well as leaves
  • Shed leaves annually (in winters)
  • Thick and large leaves
  • Produce less resin, wax, or oil
  • The sap is thin or water-like and doesn’t smell strong

These trees can be damaged or killed by strong fires. However, their bark and foliage can reduce the speed at which a fire spreads.

4 best fire-resistant trees to plant

There is a wide range of plants that are both fire-resistant as well as beautiful. Continue reading to learn more about plants that you can plant around your home or business to get a fire defensible space.

Coast Live Oak Trees

These are beautiful and evergreen trees native to California. This Oak species has thick dark green leaves. They produce flowers in spring and also acorns in the fall. The Coast Live Oak trees need space to fully mature and they can reach 20- 70 feet in height and width. They enjoy full as well as partial sunlight and come with less water requirement.

American Mountain Ash Tree

It is a deciduous tree that has dark green leaves. The leaves of the American Mountain Ash Tree can grow up to 12 inches long. When fall starts, the leaves turn yellow to orange and then become deep red before shedding in winter. These trees bloom appealing white flowers in spring and produce bunches of red-colored berry-like fruits. These plants can grow up to 20 to 30 feet tall and 15 to 20 feet wide. They can grow in full sun as well as bit shaded areas.

Beech tree

Beech trees are ornamental trees that are great for providing shade. These trees have glossy green leaves that turn to bronze color and produce edible beechnuts during the fall. They require low to medium water as they grow slowly.  They reach 50 to 70 feet in height and 35 to 40 feet in width.

Chinese Pistache Tree

It is one of the favorite ornamental trees in urban areas. It comes with lustrous dark green leaves that turn into beautiful bright red or orange. They also produce green flowers during the spring as well as small fruit. These fruits turn red when they ripen in fall. These trees can grow up 25 to 35 feet and spread 25 to 35 feet when matured fully. They thrive best with low water and full sun. This feature makes them drought resistant.

To plant the above fire-resistant trees in your landscape, you can rely on renowned tree planting services. Because only the professionals know the right techniques to make the plant thrive for years. If you want to learn more about planting trees, feel free to connect with the experts. 

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