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Things to Keep in Mind When Planting New Trees in Your Landscape

If you want to make a local impact on the environment, planting a tree is a terrific place to start! Even one tree planted today will have a positive impact on the environment for years to come. This is so that trees can improve the soil, purify the air, filter the water, balance carbon, produce shade, provide food and refuge for tiny animals, and more. And those are only a few of the numerous advantages that trees provide.

One of the best things you can do for the environment is to plant a tree in your yard. But before you begin planting, there are a few things to consider. Your tree’s survival will depend on when, how, and where you plant your tree in your landscape. Before you get your hands dirty, take into account the following and hire tree-planting contractors in NYC for the best outcomes.

Best time to plant trees

The best seasons for planting trees are typically spring or fall when the climate is cool and moist. Choose an area close to you where your tree will flourish so you may see it grow for years to come.

Choosing the right tree species based on your geographical location and local climate

To select the best tree species to plant, go to your local tree nursery. Most nursery staff members are quite informed about this and are happy to help with any inquiries. However, there are several fundamental factors you should take into account, such as the microclimate of your land or planting location, the amount of sunlight, the kind and chemistry of the soil, drainage, and the hardiness zone.

Identifying the right place to plant trees in your landscape

Now that you’ve decided on a native tree species, just pick a location for planting it! Planning carefully now will make it easier for your small sapling to grow into a strong, healthy, and mature tree that realizes its full potential and helps the environment. There are a few crucial factors to take into account when choosing the right place for tree planting:

  • Consider the typical growth structure and pattern of your chosen tree species to determine the required distance to plant away from surrounding structures.
  • In order to mark any underground lines that may pass through your property, be sure to contact your utility company for a quick inspection. You can avoid any headaches (or, maybe, significant injury) related to damaging utility wires by doing this.
  • What unfolds in your yard at various seasons throughout the year is another frequently overlooked yet a crucial factor. And do you mind if the tree sheds sap, fruit, seeds, nuts, needles, leaves, or needle-like debris? Consider your property maintenance tasks while planting trees that could make things challenging for you to maintain.
  • Every time a tree is planted, the intention is for it to survive for its entire life. Consider whether you’ll wish to construct a garage, shed, play area, or other structure in the future in the chosen location, and plan accordingly, to help assure that.

These are a few things you must keep in mind when you plan to plant trees in your existing landscape design. At Metropolitan Tree and Landscaping Corp, we are a team of reliable tree planting contractors in NYC and can help you plant, care for, and maintains trees in your yard. Contact us for more details and book a scheduled appointment. 

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