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What is the Ideal Season for Tree Planting?

Are you planning to plant trees in your garden but not sure when is the right time for tree planting in your region? Trees add significantly to the value of your home’s landscape, and it is good that you are searching for the best time to plant trees to get the most out of your investment. It’s crucial to plant trees when they have the best chance of surviving. When trees are planted at the right time, they are more likely to flourish.

Timing is everything no matter whether you are doing it yourself or hiring professional tree planting services as per your landscaping plan. Most trees should be planted in the USA between April and May for the best growth results. For certain tree species, September and October can work well. It will also be easier for your tree to thrive if you take good care of it in its early years.

When is the right time to plant trees?

So, when is the best time to plant trees? It depends on the type of tree you want to plant and your geographical location. Here’s the typical answer: Plant trees when they will have enough time to grow roots before being exposed to environmental challenges such as extreme heat, cold, or a lack of water.

The optimum time to plant a tree is in the fall, as this will allow it to grow without being stressed out by the summer’s heat. The autumn’s cooler temperatures help the foliage by reducing energy loss, and the relatively mild soil temperature encourages root growth. Of course, different climates and needs apply to different types of trees. Therefore, we are categorizing the ideal planting seasons based on climates in your geographic location.

Cold Climates

In colder climates, there is a relatively small window of opportunity when trees can be planted. You only have a few months to plant before the ground freezes over once more. The best time to plant in cold climates is in the early spring, right as the earth thaws. Fall may be too late for trees to survive the cold temperatures that can harm their roots and prevent moisture from getting to them.

Warm Climates

The best time to plant trees in warm climates is in the fall. Trees become dormant after the first frosts and only need a small amount of food to grow new roots. Instead of supporting canopy development, tree carbohydrates may be used to grow the tree’s roots during this season. Trees can also create root systems that will endure scorching summers thanks to mild winters, which give them enough time to flourish.

Now you know when you should call professional tree planting services in NYC to plant trees in your landscape design. Give us a call for a free consultation and get the best support from our tree planting experts.

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